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Welcome To 2015!
Armstrong Health & Fitness
"The Cheers of Fitness Clubs Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

We are family owned and operated, which makes the atmosphere at Armstrong Health & Fitness very different than most fitness facilities.  We are family friendly and you will of all ages that belong to our fitness center. We offer personal training, cardio equipment, , free weights and a variety of classes to fit the needs of the beginner to the most fit.

Our Focus

Our focus is YOU!  Your not just a number at Armstrong Health & Fitness.  We want to know YOU and how we can help YOU focus on maintaining a high quality lifestyle through healthy living and exercise! 

Our Mission

Our  mission is to provide a clean, friendly environment where you'll enjoy and staying fit.  From children to Seniors we have "Exercise for Everyone!"

Our Goal

At Armstrong Health & Fitness our goal is to be of service and to cater to the growing number of people from young to old using, or who will be using, fitness clubs regularly by providing an upbeat atmosphere for staying fit.
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